Wednesday, January 27, 2010


There is a winter storm coming in tomorrow. Which means school might be canceled tomorrow. Which, of course, I would not mind in the least. But we are supposed to be checking our email regularly to see what is going to happen. I can't help but mutter cancelschoolcancelschoolcancelschool under my breathe. Not that I just don't love learning and going to classes, but a break would be nice. Because I've been feeling kind of really stressed out lately.
But still, whenever there is the possibility that they might cancel school, I'm always on the student side. Whoops.

Anyway, here is what I really wanted to write about, but I felt like I needed to give you a little backstory.

I told my sister, "I'm going to go outside to do a Snow/Ice Dance."

"What's that look like?" she said.

"It looks like a frozen Rain Dance," I said right before walking out the backdoor.

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