Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oh the conversations we have.

This is what our conversations tend to look like when we're all hanging out (my familia) and have eaten mass quantities of french onion dip and chocolate ice cream.

The context: playing Apples to Apples

The conversation:

Me: "I'm so hot....I'm sweating!"

The Sis, inquiring: "Are you wearing socks?"

Me: "I'm wearing a skirt!!"

The Aunt, exasperated : "I don't think those are mutually exclusive!"

Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's funny...

How you can convince yourself to do all sorts of great things right before you are falling asleep. And then when you wake up in the morning you realize the majority of your motivation has vanished. Maybe one of these days I will wake up and be completely energized and ready to take on all my aspirations. One of these days...

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Avalanche by Manafest

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh dear...

Yeah, just watched that Fantastic Mr. Fox movie based on the Roald Dahl book. I can definitely see why that did not go over well. That's pretty much all I can say about it. Don't ever pay money for that movie, trust me, it is not worth it. Nope.

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Walls by Manic Drive

Monday, May 24, 2010


So I've spent a lot of time reading this summer and now I've realized that I need to have a more defined purpose. Obviously I'm still trying to get a job...but I've been thinking about what I want to do with my life and I've decided to come up with some goals for myself this summer.

  1. Get a part-time job. (I've filled out several, several, job applications but it looks like I need to step it up a notch.)
  2. Get serious about my writing. I feel like lately I've been a poser-writer because I haven't done anything worthwhile with my writing. I'm thinking about writing a novel this summer? How hard could that be? I've already done nanowrimo successfully. So three months is plenty of time...*grins hopefully*
  3. Get my etsy shop up and running like a pro. This means taking the time and effort to research and read articles about how I can improve my shop and actually sell something. I'd also like to get at least 50-60 items up and listed.
  4. Get in shape. I've started walking...sporadically. I've read that walking is one of the best forms of exercise, plus it gets me out in the sun, when I'm usually inclined to stay inside and read all day.
So, I thought I had more things on my mind, and maybe I did...but that seems to be all I can remember at the moment, and those are pretty large goals that will take a lot of time and effort, but I really want to strive for something and discipline myself to get stuff accomplished.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

La la la...

So I've been reading like a wild banshee. That doesn't even make sense, but I really wanted to type it. I've made several trips to the library, carting my bolsa with me to hold my 15-18 books that I always seem to come away with. I'm still desperately trying to get a summer job and so far I've applied to a lot of places...and I've heard back from a couple...and they've said no. I feel kind of pathetic, but I'm still hoping and praying that I'll find something. But in my spare time I read.

I guess the reason I'm reading so much is to make up for all those hours I devoted to writing papers and studying during the college semesters...but I've also decided that I'm going to set some goals for myself.

So here are my summer reading goals.

  1. Get my to-read list on goodreads under 900 (I had originally made it under 1000, but now I'm thinking that will be too easy, so I've upped the ante.)
  2. Read 100 Juvenile/Young Adult fiction books.
  3. Read all the Newbery Medals (that I haven't already read, minus that one Newbery medal that our library doesn't own - drat!)
I've made brand new spankin' pages on my book reviews page for 2 and 3 on my blog and I'm working on getting them completely updated. You should totally check them out.

So those are my plans...and I'm sweepin' through them. I'm also listening to some good music on my iTunes. The Classic Crime is quickly becoming one of my favorite bands. And I get excited anytime I hear Children 18:3's newest song. I cannot wait until their new CD comes out in June.

So if my blogging updates have been kind of scattered or nonexistant, it is because I'm buried in a corner somewhere wolfin' down a book.

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Cover Your Eyes by Children 18:3

Monday, May 17, 2010


Today I found out that my alarm clock will automatically turn itself off after 1 hour of playing music. This is interesting. And it is regrettable to say that I learned this while lounging in bed. Yeah, real productivity right there folks. I have my alarm set to play the radio and usually I don't lay in bed longer then 20 minutes. But today I just didn't feel like getting up, plus I had my computer on the floor next to my bed, so I was just twiddling around on that instead of getting up and getting dressed/eating food/turning off my alarm.

Well, it was playing nice radio music when all of a sudden it just stopped. That's when I realized that my alarm had gotten fed up with me and was obviously thinking that I was never going to wake up and decided to turn itself off. This is something else you should know, my alarm is located on the complete otherwise of my room. As far away from my bed as possible. Did I plan this because of all the sleep studies that say that works best because you actually have to get up out of bed to turn it off instead of reaching over and slapping a button? No, I did that because that's where my desk is.

You learn something new every day. Alarms get fed up after 1 hour, good to know.

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The Silver Cord by The Classic Crime

Sunday, May 16, 2010

This is what happens...

When the sun is in the sky and all is well in the world you should not sit on a couch and decide to read a book in one sitting. You should especially avoid this if you can't even remember what the book is about, but only remember that it has been on your to-read list for ages and now you have an afternoon free. So I read a zombie apocalyptic Young Adult book in completely one sitting and didn't realize until I was done with it that the sun had set and all the blinds were up, letting the forest outside shift in the night wind.

Yeah, not the best idea. Oh, and I forgot to mention the book: The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan. It was good. Really good. I just couldn't tear myself away from the book and I had to tell myself to calm down and read the WHOLE paragraph before jumping to the next page to see if what was going to happen next. Man though, it wasn't really a happy book. It had some disturbing images and a lot of death, but it was sure thrilling and I sped through the entire novel like there was no tomorrow.

There's only one problem. Once I was done reading I was thinking, breathing, and seeing unconsecrated bodies leering at me all around the house. My legs were kind of shaky because I had been so tense while reading the book that I hadn't moved from my position for a couple of hours.

Needless to say, I did NOT want to be alone. The house was far too quiet and I couldn't quite distinguish between reality and fantasy. So it was a good thing my sister was home to distract me otherwise I probably would have gone crazy. It's even been hours since I read the book and Still whenever I hear an odd noise my heart kind of speeds up.

Gee whiz, I can only imagine what my dreams will be like tonight, but it was totally worth it. Haha.

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The Silver Cord by The Classic Crime

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I just want a summer job. I've submitted 9 online applications and I've called a couple of places.

I guess I need to work harder.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

All I have been doing...

is reading.

I'm devouring books like a maniac. I just keep checking books out of the library and reading for hours every day. It's like I'm trying to make up for lost time.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Basically, I'm a freak.

So I got home and noticed there was not very much chocolate milk left. Now, most people who know me know that I love chocolate milk. A lot.

Anyway, I figured there really wasn't enough to put in a cup so I decided I'd just drink it out of the carton. I don't normally do this sort of thing because it's cumbersome and weird. But since it's summer and I'm feeling lackadaisical I just took it to my room and finished it off in a couple of gulps.

Well, I set it aside on my bed, propped up next to my crumpled bed sheets and completely forgot about it while I surfed the internet on my laptop. I was happily looking around on websites when out of the corner of my eye I noticed something was on my bed that normally wasn't there and it looked like it was watching me. I was startled and spun my head around to be confronted by a cheery little cow holding an organic chocolate milk banner.

So, basically I'm a freak because I was scared by an empty milk carton that I had put on my bed. This is kind of pathetic. Obviously I am still recovering from finals week. Gee whiz.

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Innocence and Instinct by RED

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hey look, a contest.

So one thing that I really enjoy is looking at other people's book blogs. I like to see how they format their blog, what books they read, what posts they do on a weekly basis about reading. This blog is even holding a contest. But you need to enter soon - because it ends today.

I've been wondering what sorts of things I should add to my blog to make it more interesting...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Something I avoid...

This is kind of weird, but sometimes I just have so much trouble motivating myself to do things. I put them off until 2:40 in the afternoon because I haven't seen civilization and I've been reading.

So, I kind of don't like taking showers.

This doesn't really make sense, since I like being clean and don't like grime caked on my skin. But really, I sometimes can find absolutely no motivation to take a shower right when I get up the morning. I put it off, saying that I need to eat breakfast, check my email, or read 12 books. You know, the little things that can take up so much time.

Well, I decided that I should work on my health and so I took a long walk around the neighborhood. This might not sound like much, but I HATE walks....especially out in the humid hot sun. But I knew that I would feel better after some exercise and if I went for a walk I would have no excuse whatsoever not to take a shower right after I got back because of sweat. That was my grand plan.

So what am I doing exactly? Writing a blog entry instead of taking a shower. That's what I'm doing.

New favorite movie!

Oh my goodness! I went and saw How To Train Your Dragon yesterday! Words cannot even describe how much I loved it. I've been wanting to see this movie since the first time I saw a trailer for it back in october (or whenever it came out - basically a long time ago).

I loved toothless, he was incredibly cute and his mannerisms always made me smile. Hiccup was great, I loved his sarcastic asides he inserted into his crazy situations. He made me laugh with all his quips and facial expressions.

I laughed, I almost cried, and I couldn't stop the grin from spreading across my face when it was over. It was the first movie I have seen in a long time that I have wanted to immediately watch again. Definitely my favorite movie of the year.

I want a pet dragon.

If you haven't seen a trailer, you should really watch this.