Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year's Resolutions for 2010

1. Eat 365 apples this year. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Plan of action: My goal is 365 by the end of the year. If I accidently forget to eat 1 some day then I can still make up by eating 2 apples the next day or another time. To keep track of my progress I will keep a calendar next to my bed and I’ll post a sticker on the day I eat an apple and multiple stickers if I eat more than one. (I’m completely motivated by stickers, surprisingly.)

2. Write 365 blog posts this year.

It doesn’t matter how many I do per day, if I skip a day, I just need to have a tally of 365 by the end of the year. And I’m not going to be picky about my blog posts either, if I just write a couple sentences complaining of a cold, that’s fine. Or if I write 10 entries in one day, that’s perfectly acceptable as well. My thought is to just get in the habit of writing every day and become a better writer.

3. Work out regularly.

I want to be healthy and in shape, I want my immune system to fight off colds better, so if I start exercising more regularly I think that will help. My plan is to go to the gym a couple times a week and on the days I can’t go to the gym I’ll do the Pilates DVD I got for Christmas.

4. Do 100 crunches everyday.

This kind of ties in with the above resolution, but I figure if I am so completely exhausted from my crazy school/work schedule and come home to find I haven’t done anything this will be my handy dandy backup plan. I’ll write it down on my calendar when I do the crunches.

5. Don’t eat any food after 8pm each night.

This is just to be healthy. I’ve read that you aren’t supposed to eat late at night because your body doesn’t digest it and it becomes unwanted fat. So I’m going to try this for a year and see how it works out. I’ve done it for the past week and I already feel better.

6. Get completely caught up on my book reviews blog.

I have a really bad habit of writing partial reviews and then getting distracted and leaving the book review in my drafts folder instead of editing and publishing it. I don’t want to get so behind this year like I did last year.

7. Listen to and rate 25 CDs this year.

There are so many good CDs in my iTunes library that have not gotten their fair share of listening to, so I’m going to commit to listening to more music this year.

8. Write 365 pages in my journal this year.

I really need to journal so I can remember what my life was like, plus maybe my life is so thoroughly amusing I’ll publish it when I’m older? (haha, probably not.)

9. Get my Etsy shop in better shape.

I kind of want to sell some stuff.

10. Get a book published.

This has been on my New Year’s Resolution list for years and year…I’m hoping that with hard work and persistence this one will finally come true, if not this year, some year in the future.

11. Read 1 chapter from the bible each night.

I will pick up my bible and randomly flip it open and read 1 chapter before I go to bed. Or I can read what I’ve been recommended or what is on my mind.

12. Eat breakfast.

This is healthy and lately I haven’t been doing it at all. Even something as simple as an apple, a fried egg, and a glass of chocolate milk will suffice.

13. Get a minimum of 7-8 hours (preferably 8) of sleep every night.

This will boost my immune system and I’ll be able to retain more of what I am learning in college. Plus I kind of can’t function when I don’t have enough sleep and I act like a freak. Funny that.

So that is my plan. We'll see how well I did at the end of the year, Haha.

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Candlelight by Relient K

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