Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hey there...

My blog has been sadly neglected as of late. Probably because I'm going crazy with schoolwork and trying to balance that with all the clubs and other cool stuff I'm in. Hm...I'm really not happy with how I'm managing my time skills at this point, and I want to improve so that I'm not so crazy stressed out during the week. I think the key is Friday. Because I have no classes, I should take this time to do schoolwork that isn't due until next week so I won't freak out so much. But the problem is that all I ever seem to do is think about this solution and never implement it. Gee whiz.
This Friday, things are going to change.

~Currently listening to obsessively:
Flashlight (The Cullen Song) by Eleventyseven


  1. Hi! I'm Amelia, and I found your blog through goodreads. I really like your blog's format: books and then some ;)
    Nice to meet you again!
    - Amelia

  2. Hey there!
    Thanks! I'm excited that you like my blog - it's relatively new and so I feel like nobody reads it - haha.
    Thanks for following, I've already snatched a glance at your blog and I really like it. The title is great.