Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Horrible blogger...

I have 2 more weeks of school. Then finals. Then I'll be done. This is absolutely crazy! I have so many things and projects that I have to do! I feel like this semester has been one of the hardest and most busy semesters that I have ever had. I'm probably involved in too many social activities and clubs...but I can't imagine dropping any of them. This semester is also different in that I did not READ ONE SINGLE BOOK at ALL! Normally I'll break away and read at least a couple every month of some YA book that looks cool or something like that....but not this semester. I only read textbooks. I am SO looking forward to Christmas Break when I can read books! I haven't even hardly checked goodreads! This is just crazy.

All this to say...I'm a horrible blogger. Hopefully I'll get better in the future. I mean, at least I'm starting early right? Wwwaaayyy before New Year's resolutions.

BUT! I almost forgot! This is on a completely random note! But have you seen the movie Tangled? My oh My! I LOVED it....and I kind of don't want to say anything else because I'll set up preconceived notions in your head....you should just go see it...and I'm kind of obsessive because I bought the Soundtrack on amazon.com for $3.99! Booyah!

-This is me, being insane....listening to Mother Knows Best from Tangled.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Remember when I used to blog?

Seriously. Life has been super crazy since school started. I am running around non-stop, doing homework, being involved in clubs, having social activities. It has been one thing after another. I love school because it is such a social setting and I see my friends every day and we bond over crazy homework assignments...but I also don't like that when I am in school it almost completely consumes my life. I don't read books. I don't update my blog. I only do things that are related to school. So, if you have been wondering where I've been since September, now you know.