Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes? No, I want the Newbery Awards!

So I completely went to bed last night forgetting that today was the day that the ALA announced their awards, including the Newbery and Caldecott winners.

I was randomly checking my email and checking out my blogs when I saw something on the side of a page and realized that it was book related and the NEWBERYS were going to be announced today. I immediately did some crazy fast internet searching to find out when the winner's would be listed and I got onto twitter to check out ALA's twitter page and found out the winners, but I didn't find the whole list.

But I found an article online that said they were posting the press release at 10:30EST and since I live in CST I looked at the right hand of my computer screen and saw it was 9:31 my time and I refreshed my page and I got the results! Here are the winners and honors for 2010!

I'm going to go put a whole bunch of books on my to-read lists on goodreads.

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