Saturday, January 23, 2010


I woke up with a headache. It makes no sense. I got 8 hours of sleep. I didn't eat anything strange before going to bed. I had crazy weird dreams with subplots of Avatar, but my alarm went off and kept me from getting sucked into that vortex.

I ate breakfast as soon as I got up. But I still have this nasty headache. Gee whiz.

Hey though, you want a quick update on how I'm doing with my New Year's resolutions?
I've eaten 15 apples! Yeah, I know, today is the 23rd, so I'm 8 apples behind, but still, I'm pretty impressed with myself.

But today equals homework day. I have too many crazy assignments that are due in the coming weeks. It is crazy. I'm going to probably go insane. But that is the reason my blog entries are sometimes scarce. Hehehe. I think to perk myself up I'm going to buy some songs off amazon or iTunes. I've had a couple items I've had my eye on for several weeks now...

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