Thursday, May 20, 2010

La la la...

So I've been reading like a wild banshee. That doesn't even make sense, but I really wanted to type it. I've made several trips to the library, carting my bolsa with me to hold my 15-18 books that I always seem to come away with. I'm still desperately trying to get a summer job and so far I've applied to a lot of places...and I've heard back from a couple...and they've said no. I feel kind of pathetic, but I'm still hoping and praying that I'll find something. But in my spare time I read.

I guess the reason I'm reading so much is to make up for all those hours I devoted to writing papers and studying during the college semesters...but I've also decided that I'm going to set some goals for myself.

So here are my summer reading goals.

  1. Get my to-read list on goodreads under 900 (I had originally made it under 1000, but now I'm thinking that will be too easy, so I've upped the ante.)
  2. Read 100 Juvenile/Young Adult fiction books.
  3. Read all the Newbery Medals (that I haven't already read, minus that one Newbery medal that our library doesn't own - drat!)
I've made brand new spankin' pages on my book reviews page for 2 and 3 on my blog and I'm working on getting them completely updated. You should totally check them out.

So those are my plans...and I'm sweepin' through them. I'm also listening to some good music on my iTunes. The Classic Crime is quickly becoming one of my favorite bands. And I get excited anytime I hear Children 18:3's newest song. I cannot wait until their new CD comes out in June.

So if my blogging updates have been kind of scattered or nonexistant, it is because I'm buried in a corner somewhere wolfin' down a book.

~Currently listenin' to:
Cover Your Eyes by Children 18:3

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