Sunday, April 4, 2010

Paper cuts...

I tried to pick up a stack of papers yesterday. It didn't work. I sliced my finger open and it started bleeding. It kind of stung that night, but I figured that a good night's rest would cure it, right? I mean, hanging out, not having to do anything for about 7 hours, with no bandaid or annoying restrictions, it should have healed. Fresh air is good for wounds, so I've heard.

The next morning it hurt. When I washed my hands it felt like I was reopening the wound. When I cut up strawberries for breakfast, I accidently leaked strawberry juice on it and that made it angry. When I picked up anything with my right hand it was unhappy and throbbed.

Basically, this paper cut was being a nuisance.

Also, I keep poking it, hoping that it will have healed...but I'm starting to get the idea that's not helping. Funny that.

~listening to:
Forget and Not Slow Down by Relient K

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