Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Is it summer?!


Okay, so technically I still have one more final on Thursday morning, but I have successfully finished my five other finals. If you want to know what I haven't been blogging lately it's because I had 5 finals in the last 30 hours...which is kind of rough. Especially when two of them are really tough. But one was really easy and another one was an art final. Whew. I am so glad those are over.

What are my plans for the summer?


Oh, and getting a job.

But I've also got to research scholarships, hang out with people who are staying around campus and write. I definitely need to write this summer. It has been something I've neglected to do.

Ah, the sweet freedom of summer.

I am actually just going to put a bunch of books on hold at my library and update my to-read list on goodreads.

~currently listening to my happy music playlist
Chain Gang Bang Bang by Neon Horse

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