Saturday, April 3, 2010

Funny that...

I remember a time when I didn't cry during movies. Seriously, I never shed a tear. I could watch the saddest movie on the planet and come out unscathed.

I don't know what happened. But somewhere in my middle teen years I became a movie crier. This amuses my sister greatly, who thinks it's humorous when I have tears streaking down my face at the end of a movie.

If I see anyone on screen crying, I start to cry. The good thing is that my face is fairly forgiving and I don't look like a major freak right after clears up pretty fast.

But still, I always cry during sad movies.

So, what brought this up? I just peeked upstairs to see what the rest of the family was doing and they were watching the end of Finding Neverland. Of course I stayed. Of course I started crying as soon as Freddie Highmore shed a couple of tears. Duh.

Oh well...but now I must be on to write some more of that paper.

1 comment:

  1. Oh you should watch P.S. I Love You! I cried through the whole movie so much that I felt sick the next day . . . I am so pathetic! I cannot remember a time I didn't cry in movies, so you see I am even worse than you!
    BTW - My sister laughs at me too, it is just a sister thing!