Saturday, March 27, 2010

Free time?

So, because I just turned in 2 papers and I already had 3 tests this week, I think I'm actually going to take some time to just relax for several hours today....something I haven't done in a long time.

I slept in til about 10:15am this morning, which is pretty late for me, but I have one big goal for today....I want to read this book!


I received it in the mail as a part of a goodreads giveaway contest I entered and I am so stoked that I won! I love how this author takes things that you take for granted and he twists them into horrifying and fantastic new elements of a sci-fi/steam punk novel! This is the author's website if you want to check him out, and here is the book website. You might recognize his name because he also wrote Mortal Engines, which I absolutely LOVED. I am going to go read some more and try to finish it today before the madness of school starts again.

~listening to like an obsessed fiend:

the Where The Wild Things Are Soundtrack

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