Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hey! I just realized that it is my two year anniversary for being a member of Goodreads! I've loved goodreads every since a good friend of mine recommended it to me a couple years ago. I'm actually quite obsessed with this website. I use it to keep track of every single book I read.

I've been steadily counting every book I've read since March 2008 and I've read 869 books! That's crazy! Although, I should note there are probably several hundred Children's book in that stack, but still, it's impressive.

I pretty much become a reading maniac when I'm not in school. I've only read 10 books this spring semester...that's pathetic. But on the other hand, good grades is not pathetic.

I've been seeing so many books that I want to read and I keep putting them in my to-read pile and it keeps growing larger and larger. One of my goals for this year is to get it under 1000 books...but we'll see how I manage that.

I'm excited for summer, but I have to get a job or an internship. And I should probably be looking into that sort of thing about now....hmmm.

I finished Fever Crumb and I'm working on a review. But I can tell you this.

I Loved It.

And I really want to know why the next book is not in my hot little hands. Gee whiz.

Listening to like a fiend because I'm pretty sure I'm in love with this soundtrack:
Where The Wild Things Are Motion Picture Soundtrack

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