Friday, December 25, 2009

A white Christmas for a change

The day before yesterday, they predicted snow. I didn’t really believe them, because it is the Ville after all and you don’t get much snow. And then, yesterday, it snowed. My cousins were overjoyed. I was thrilled. But when it first started snowing, I didn’t think it would stick. It wasn’t very cold and I figured all the snow would just melt. But it didn’t. It kept piling up, inch upon inch until the world was white.

Of course, frolicking was involved. I took my camera outside and had a picture-fest and took crazy photos of the snow and the snowflakes that littered my black hoodie with white dust. It was glorious. I stuck out my tongue and ate little flakes that dropped into my mouth and as I twirled in the frost-bitten air.

~Song currently running through my head
Mess of Me by Switchfoot

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