Sunday, December 27, 2009

Time's a wastin'

I feel like time is going by fast. I blink and a couple days have passed.
I have plans for this break.
Plans to get things accomplished.
Plans to do epic things and not waste away like a rotting fish on the beach dunes.

I don't think it helps that I am trying to get rid of a pesky cold. It should just shrivel up and die.

I know that I need to stop saying all these things, mouthing these grand plans to empty rooms and listless iPods.

I need to act. I can't just formulate all afternoon away, but I have to actually take steps towards getting these things accomplished.

I've decided to buy a calendar and mark every day that I get something on my list accomplished. Seeing the tally marks on each day will rally my spirits and maybe I won't get so easily discouraged. Maybe.

I'll have to work on next year's challenges and make sure they are over-powering. I'm thinking about them in my head, but I am hesitant to write them down just yet. I will wait the remaining days until New Year's and then I'll post and this blog will help be keep accountable.

As a side note. Snow makes me happy and I will brave cold winds and chapped lips to make a snow angel imprint...

~song currently running through my head:
Mess of Me by Switchfoot (I feel like this is a roaring repeat, but I love it).

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