Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas is just around the corner...

Yesterday I realized I had the beginnings of a cold. I thought if I ate lots of garlic (boosts immune system and kills off unwanted bacteria) and drank lots of liquid, I would be safe. Turns out, that wasn't the case. I'm now taking cold medication and fake-yawning to unplug my ears on a regular basis.

Not cool.
I think I get sick every year around Christmas time. I don't know if it's because of the amount of chocolate I eat or what. But for the past couple Christmases I've been sick, and this one looks like it will follow in the same pattern.

Ah, I'm sitting here, trying to type, and it's not working because I took some night time cold medication and it's starting to kick in, making me drowsy.

Okay, no more talk about sickness, let's hear about happier things. We had some friends over for dinner, and my sister made desert.

These are yummy homemade from scratch apple dumplings. They were really good. I'm probably going to eat another one tomorrow for breakfast.

Tomorrow will be kind of hectic. We're leaving to go see our relatives for Christmas. I still have to pack and pick up some books from the library and probably do some other things that I've forgotten at the moment (thanks cold medication) because I'm completely spacing.

I should probably get some sleep, I already feel like a zombie, and I kind of want to get rid of this cold...nasty old thing.

~CD I've played three times today:
Family Force 5's Christmas Pageant by Family Force 5

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