Monday, July 26, 2010

Good friends, good conversations...

I was talking to my friend that I've known since high school late-ish last night and our conversations were off-the-wall funny. I'm not sure if we were just so excited to talk to each other (we live in different states and hadn't had a chance to speak for several months) or if the late hour was warping our thoughts or what...but we were giggling up a storm. I also managed to type down some of our funniest bits because they made me laugh so hard. I realize that these might not make complete sense to an unknown reader, but I'd still like to save them on my blog for posterity's sake.

Her: "It's like chick-fil-a skype?"
context: I was explaining how the drive-thru worked.

Me: "Why did you yell? Is my face really That hideous that you had to scream?"
Her: "It just scared me because I wasn't expecting your face to completely fill up my computer screen!"
context: she pushed a random button and my face took over her computer, consequently making her yelp.

Her: "What if we had a skype moss pit?"

Me: "This is my petrified wood look! *poses spastically with one arm raised and eyes frozen*
My response (once I saw how I looked): "I look socially inept!"
Her: "Is that going to be your perpetual face when you're old?"

Me: "I look like I have two front teeth!"
Her: "You do have two front teeth."
context: I had meant to say, "I look like I ONLY have two front teeth"

Obviously we are a little crazy, but it's okay because we understand each other fairly well and we're planning on taking over the world some day.

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