Sunday, July 18, 2010


I've realized that I've been a pretty neglectful blogger as of late. This could be for various reasons...but I'm going to blame laziness and my summer job.

The other day I wandered past the kitchen to see most of our oven in pieces assembled across the floor. I didn't make much of it until a couple of hours later I walked by and it was being put back together. I walked by it a third time about 40 minutes later to hear my father mumbling, " looks like I forgot to put some screws back in..."

Needless to say, the mother wasn't too pleased. Haha!

(He found where the screws went.)

And for some odd reason, our microwave convection oven is not working. I guess that was the reason my father took the two ovens apart in the first place. The oven light went off and so now it won't cook anything but just says "door" on the screen like we've left it open.

It's funny how you don't think you use something very often until it disappears. Or how you want to eat lunch but everything conceivable to eat seems to need the microwave to cook. Annoying.

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