Thursday, July 1, 2010


So my mom and I were driving down the road when I saw these oddly shaped humanoids on the corner of the street. They were still fairly far off, so I couldn't quite make out what they were, but as they got closer, I realized they were Teletubbies. People had dressed up in remarkably realistic (and creepy) Teletubbie costumes to sell fireworks. When I saw what they were, I loudly exclaimed, "Are those Teletubbies?!"

You know what my mom's first reaction was? She looked at where I was pointing, took a sharp intake of breathe and immediately locked all the car doors.

I laughed for a full five minutes after we had passed them...I couldn't stop saying, "That was your first reaction? You locked the car doors?"

Just thinking about it cracks me up. Oh man...

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