Friday, June 25, 2010

Misplaced IDs, janky wallets, and creepy strangers at the gym.

Yesterday I was in a bad mood. It was like I woke up and couldn't shake this grumpy feeling that was settling over my body, trying to consume my being. I think my mood was brought on by staying up until 2:30am finishing a book. Normally this does not warrant a bad mood, but let's just say the book I finished reading wasn't worth it. I also didn't wake up until 12:30pm the next morning, er, afternoon. Now if there is one thing I hate it is waking up so late that I feel like I've already missed half of the day. I also woke up with a headache. And I couldn't find any lizard stickers! (That's another story, but it lead to me being disgruntled.)

So at the end of the day I'm headed to the gym with mom. Looking at my gym bag I make sure I've brought my wallet. Last time I completely forgot my wallet and had brought my camera instead. Needless to say, my camera did not magically turn into my much-needed gym card and I had to have the gym people look me up. So I was happy to see that I had brought my wallet this time, but my happiness soon turned to dismay when I opened my wallet and saw the slot that held my library card, gym ID, and driver's license was completely empty. Confounded wallet!

I've been having some issues with my latest duct tape wallet. I'm not sure if it is because I made it in a hurry and didn't take enough time to carefully craft it or if it's just old, but it is not holding things properly and my cards keep falling out of the pockets. Normally, this is just annoying and tedious, but when I'm in a hurry and grab my wallet to deposit it into another bag and leave half the contents of my wallet in my previous bag, it becomes downright frustrating.

That would make it day 2 I'd shown up the the gym without an ID. I was already mad at my pesky wallet for gleefully leaving things behind and now I was mad at myself for not double-checking before I left the house. And now I had to go explain again to the gym people that I did not have my ID. Great.

I told the guy that I didn't have my ID and he admonished me for forgetting it and told me sternly that I needed to bring it next time. I was already stewing and his comment only made me more annoyed. Unfortunately I didn't realized until later (and after my mom had told me) that he was only harassing me and wasn't nearly as serious as I had first imagined him. According to my mom he had seen that I was annoyed and had decided to poke fun at me, but I just did not see the subtle nuances that he was only joking and wasn't really mad at me for neglecting to bring my ID. I'm the kind of person that is seemingly gullible, especially with people I do not know well and so I cannot tell when they are joking and will think forever that they were severely disappointed when I didn't bring my ID. It was only my outburst of "Do I really look like the kind of scatterbrained person who forgets their ID on a regular basis? Do I have to be told that next time I need to bring my ID?" that my mom said he had only been pulling my leg.

So this was the kind of mood I was in when I walked upstairs and heard Creepy Guy talking loudly to someone else about sports.

Okay, so I haven't yet introduced you to Creepy Guy. I know, I know, way original name right? But seriously, he is creepy. I don't like him for a number of reasons.

  1. He walks funny.
  2. He has an incredibly annoying and grating voice.
  3. He has a bulbous head.
  4. He appears to be full of himself and pompous.
  5. And the REASON I DISLIKE HIM THE MOST: I feel that whenever I'm working out he is staring at me. This is majorly creepy and slightly disturbing.
Now I know that I'm paranoid, but I've grown up with paranoid parents who've instilled in me a healthy distrust of strangers. So a part of me is wondering if maybe my overactive imagination and writer tendencies has exaggerated his staring and he's really just looking around the room in a bored manner. And how can you really tell if someone is staring at you all the time unless you stare at them all the time?! Which is something I totally do not want to do. If I'm wrong and he's not staring at me, I'll be staring at him and he'll start to think I'm The Creepy One. And if I'm right and he IS staring at me, I've only given him further encouragement and he might come over and Talk To Me. Both of those scenarios are not good, so I've been doing a lot of eye avoidance.

Now the only reason I think he's staring at me is because I've scanned the room a couple times and he's been staring in my direction, which is just unnerving. And as soon as I see someone staring at me, I immediately look away and pretend to be busy with something else until I can sneak another glance at the person so see if they are still staring at me or if it was just my imagination. When I did this he was still staring in my direction.

So after my day of grumpiness and then coming to the gym to find Creepy Guy there I was not in a good mood. But surprisingly, I just plugged in my iPod and listened to some Thousand Foot Krutch and tried to ignore him and by the time I was down with my workout I was relatively calm. I didn't have a headache and I had almost completely forgotten about my wallet mishap. I've read that exercising relieves stress and boy did I need that after the day I had been having. I'm glad I went.

Yesterday was just kind of crazy.

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